Tiger Cave Temple: challengingly steep steps to the top

I’m so excited about this trip. I’ve made plans, research and ask information from some of my fellow travelers that has already been to Thailand specifically Krabi town. I am looking forward to see stunningly beautiful sceneries, lots of food side trip and breathtaking view from the hill top. 

I did wanted to go to krabi not to spend time on the beach but to explore, tick off night markets, climb mountains and reach the top of the challengingly high mountain in town called “Ngorn Nak” . 

Nothing much to do in town. If you’re looking for adventure I recommend to rent a bike and explore the city on your own. 

The day I arrived in Krabi, I started looking up to where I can rent a bike. Transportation in Thailand is quite difficult. Tuk tuk service is one of the famous transportation vehicle in town. Taxi in Thailand is quite expensive. Most people own a motorbike. Thailand is a place where you can see lots of motorbikes, really, like seriously speaking there might be hundreds of thousands of motorbikes. They’re like ants in the road, crazy drivers, no traffic rules. Hold on tight spider monkey this will gonna be a wild ride! 

My choice is to rent a bike and explore the area all by myself you can save money and save yourself from hassles of public transportation- unless you don’t know how to drive- that’s another problem. 

Tiger cave Temple

Take note: 

Proper dress code must be observe while you’re in the temple premises. No sleeveless, spaghetti strap, short shorts, V-neck, or anything that looks revealing for girls. RESPECT others and their culture if you want to be respected in return. 

This is how we do it: ( how to get there) 

  • First get yourself a motorbike. If you don’t know how to drive you need to take public transport, I suppose. Hop on that goddamn bike and explore Krabi. 

Crazy tip: 

This is quite dangerous, but at some point  in your life you have to try things that you’ve never done before -bravery at its finest. You’ve got to learn how to drive and this might be the best place for you. ( only few are following traffic rules) This step would be easy if you already know how to drive a bicycle. There’s a little bit difference from driving motorcycle -scooter is the easiest- you just have to sit and balance, turn on that engine on and go while bicycle you have to pedal till your legs feel numb. Just get your balance and you’ll be fine! 

  • From hostel, it takes approximately 15 minutes drive to reach the temple. 
  • Install Maps me application. This is very useful, you just have to download the map (Thailand) and you’re good to go anywhere. 

Tiger Cave Temple is one of the sacred Buddhist temple located at the northeast of Krabi. 

  • They are signs that would lead to the temple, just follow it. You’ll see small temple along the way. 

Some shots I took from the top….. be mesmerised! 

What’s challenging about this temple is that it is located at the peak of the mountain. You need to climb  1,237 Steps to the top. Mind you,  this will not be your usual staircase, it is very steep that you’ll almost crawl. The staircase may look normal and easy at first but once you’re on 200+ steps, the staircase gradually changes from steep steps to VERY STEEP steps. It will literally leave you breathless! 
Me on my 400+ something steps. I think I’m gonna ****** What a leg day! 🙌🏻


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