My 1 hour Phi Phi Island Adventure: this is how we do it. 

Yes, you read it right having only an hour to spent in this paradise island is ridiculously insane. People would spent days or even a week in this Island and still couldn’t have enough with the stupendous view and fantastic night life experience the Island has to offer. 

You must be wondering how did I manage to do it. Well, I am a true believer that if there’s a will there’s a way. A lot of things happened few hours before this trip – unfortunate events, I must say. The plan was to take the first ferry to Phi Phi Island (9am), spend couple of hours, then take the last trip from there to Phuket. From “couple of hours” plan down to 1 hour. It was crazy, we are about to change the plans but we already bought our tickets from Phi phi to Phuket it shouldn’t be a problem but on the other hand, we already booked our hostel in Phuket the same day. -what a plan! However spending an hour in the Island is quite a one of unforgettable experience – imagine you just arrived , grab food and go. We joked about it as ” we just want to grab lunch in Phi phi, that’s it, that’s how we do it” said the two “malakas” (greek word). 

This is how we do it: 

It was a great sunny day. We arrived half past 12nn and we needed to come back 30 minutes before 2pm to catch our ferry heading to Phuket. Considering that we only got an hour, we wasted no time. We have to move as fast as we can, so, we immediately head out straight from the pier to grab food and eat by the beach. 

The beach is packed with tourist. It was literally an Island full of tourist. An Island for great party – as they say. You can spot few locals but most of them are there for work. 

  • Laugh, snap a photo, tick off viewpoints, eat, more laughter until your stomach aches – outpouring happiness. 

  • Check out flee markets and food stalls. Food is a bit expensive here compared to town but you can still find cheap food if you’re on a tight budget. – backpacker choice. 

  • Check out viewpoints. During my trip I wasn’t able to look through viewpoints but instead I got an amazing view by the beach that I would only saw on postcards and now, it is right exactly in front of me my eyes couldn’t believe so. 

My time in koh phi phi is about to end in a dash. I started to walk back to the pier whilst enjoying the view along the sea shore and also I did grab some snacks on the way because prices in the ferry will stun the hell out of you. 

The ferry ride from Phi Phi Island to phuket takes 2 hours. Long enough to just stay indoor so I decided to chill on the decks outside and be mesmerised by the view along the sea. 

Ferry ride to Phuket, Thailand.

Somehow, this trip is one of the unforgettable and epic adventure that will make me laugh when I look back on my traveling experience years from now and will forever be a sign of my stupidity and craziness in a quirky way. 

Based on my experience 1 day is enough to all what’s on this Island. People just love stay because of it’s beautiful natural beauty, crystal blue water and nevertheless it is a great place for relaxing – a real escape from reality and stress. 


Sarcastically saying we paid 20baht to keep koh phi phi clean, we don’t even have enough time to make koh phi phi dirty. – just kidding. I am a nature lover and I will do anything to preserve mother nature. 

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More photos  Click here 

Have you been Phi phi Island? How was your stay? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment. 

Safe travels. 


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