Melaka: Historical City on the Southwest Coast of Malaysian State

Searching for a nice place to spend weekend? You’re working hard this past days, well, you definitely need a break. From ancient times to modern design, Melaka is one of the place you should tick off your bucketlist during your stay in Malaysia. 

How to go there:

There’s so many ways on how to go to Melaka. If you are staying in the city (Kuala Lumpur) you could easily go there by bus which would take approximately 2 hours – depending on the traffic conditions. You can also hop on a taxi – but it will be freak’n expensive. Unfortunately, there is no train service to Melaka. 

If you are coming from Singapore you can go here by bus or train to Johor Baru. You will pass through Malaysian immigration (Singapore-Malaysia boarder). You can book your bus tickets online – easiest and hassle-free way to avoid long queues. Of course, bus and train tickets differ depending on bus companies.  
During our trip we took a bus from TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Seletan) in Kuala Lumpur for only 10RM per person (this is the cheapest way to get to Melaka). There are scheduled bus that leaves every 30mins – don’t worry too much if you miss your bus you can catch the next bus instead. 

Things to do: 

Melaka is a small town. Spending half day or a day for city tour is absolutely enough. 
1. Sight seeing  
Melaka world Heritage 

Colonial site in the 16th century. 

You can also spot some mosques in the City. 

Trying to be an army. *salutes* 


Drive safely 

2. Jonker street ( night market ) 
Opens only on weekends Friday night until Sunday night. From food stalls to souvenirs they all have this on the streets. So enjoy shopping while eating. 

3. Rent a bicycle 

This would be a great idea instead of renting a motorbike. The city is small and you can almond st see everything in merely half day. 

4. Romantic walk along the River

This area turns into a romantic place for lovers. There are shops that closes late night so if you are planning to eat, grab some few drinks and relax this could be the right place for you. It’s a bonus that you’ll have a nice view, calming and romantic ambiance while you sip on your drink. 


Stayed in Melaka for 3 days in a cheap backpacker guesthouse. You can find a lot online, prices differ based on your choices. 

Jiong Guesthouse is one of them. Few tourists come during weekdays so I got the whole the room for me. 

Thank you for reading ☺️

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