It’s okay not to be OKAY; We all feel lonely some times

“A happy face doesn’t guarantee a happy life” 

Problems, circumstances, conflicts, trials or whatever we call it — it mess the hell out of us several times in a lifetime. Who doesn’t encounter a problem in life? Don’t tell me that there is someone out there that doesn’t have any problem. Trust me, they do have, but, they are good at covering up everything with a smile while keeping their problems burning inside themselves. It’s a mask. You’re a tough nut if you’re like this. 

For me, people that always smile are the best. That’s the way it should be. Being such an asshole because you have a bad day doesn’t make anything better, it makes it all worst and you might ended up hurting somebody who cares for you which you didn’t mean to cause pain at the first place but still you did – because you’re a first class dumbass. 

World in chaos? We all experienced that, so, don’t be an idiotic daredevil that anyone hates. Go home and take a good sleep you were just feeling too much pressure at the moment. Remember,it can’t rain forever. Whatever it is you’re worrying about now, will be over soon. It will give you either a blessing or a lesson. Keep your chin up nutty! You got this! 


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