A day in Langkawi Island: selemat datang

Backpacking in Malaysia? Does city life gets boring to you and searching for a great place to enjoy your vacation? Beach, sun, white sand -sitting like a villain with a cocktail on hand listening to your favourite songs – ahh! Breathe in the fresh air exhale the stress- shake it off! We all need this once in a while. Traveling alone doesn’t sound exciting as traveling with friends or with family. Mostly people say, it’s a terrifying experience, a lonely trip- as they describe it, others have the will but don’t have the guts to take the risk, and for some, they find it exciting and take great pleasure on it leaving them craving for more. Here, I’ll share to you my Langkawi Island experience. I hope this can help you with some information you’re looking for if you are planning to visit Langkawi. 

Langkawi: a place that shouldn’t be missed during your Malaysia excursion.  

I am completely exhausted after my 257-mile haul to Langkawi (almost 10 hours traveling time). I just want to hop in bed and sleep but my pretty damn tired face brightens up upon seeing the amazing view of the mountains covered with fog from the port. All the aches that I feel was magically swept away by this breathtaking/ instagram-perfect view in front of me. 


Island Transportation 

Langkawi is uniquely different. Why? Aside from it’s stunning mountain views, beautiful beaches that you can’t resist to dive in, amazing cable car ride experience that will bring you to the mountain top, and here, is the place where you can act as local, feeling like local and just be local. There is no bus that will take you places. You need to rent a car (yes, literally it will be your own car at the moment) , rent a motorcycle 🏍 or hail a cab is their mode of transportation. All are good for 24hrs rental and can be negotiated for how long you’ll be staying in the island except for the taxi- you are going to be charged by meter. Prices varies on your transportation options and also, on your bargaining skills. I asure you, you can get a discount if you talk to them nicely. Although it is a gamble trying to get a low price though you’re not the only client they can get cuz tourist come and go EVERYDAY in Langkawi. 
During my stay, I rented a motorcycle. I got it in a very low price (because of my excellent bargaining skills) plus a driver to drive me around since I’m not familiar with the place. *combo package* he driver is surprisingly kind and friendly but you can’t give your trust to somebody you just know especially he is a guy and I’m a girl traveling alone in a muslim country – if you get my point. Anyway, I take precautions and set my limits. Everything is doing fine he even suggest a great place to snap a photo. I take his word since the place he’s talking about is on our way to Langkawi’s sky bridge. – my trip’s highlight.

Things to see in Langkawi

There’s a lot to do in Langkawi during your stay. Water sports, Island hopping and many more. If you’re up for food trip, then, this could be a nice place for you too. 

I don’t have so much time to spend in Langkawi so I just simplify my itinerary for today. As much as I want to spend time on the beach and chill , I still have some stuffs to do so. However, I can’t leave this Island without getting into the skybridge- famous steel bridge on the mountain top-. 

1. Take a stroll 

The park is just a few steps away from the port. Get your lazy ass moving! We’re in for an adventure. 

2. Mosques 

Yes! You can see it almost everywhere! A hotel whose design is like a castle too. Art is in the air.! 

3. Beach, water sports, island hopping tour and so much more.. 

Sand on my feet, salt in my hair. Beach is a great place for relaxation and a paradise for others. I heard you’ve got to feed the parrot in the island when you go for Island hopping tour. Cool isn’t it? Book your package tour on a trusted travel agent to avoid being scammed. 

4.Langkawi Cable Car

I’ve tried riding a Cable Car before, but having such an amazing view like this that left me awed is another thing I suggest that you must try while visiting Langkawi. It’s a vertiginous 15 minute ride.

This cable car ride will take you up to the top of Mat Cincang offering a stunningly beautiful view of the mountains and waterfalls. Get ready to be mesmerised! There’s two station, each station has a open-air viewing deck. You can stop by each station and snap a photo- you probably can’t resist it though. 

Tips: bring a sweater with you it gets a little bit chilly on the way towards the top. 

This was taken from the last station. Wherein, you can have a perfect view of the Island. From there, you can see the harbourfront, the nearest beach resort, islands, seven steps waterfalls, misty mountains and part of Thailand. 

Enjoy the view! 

5.Sky Bridge

The only way to get the sky bridge is through riding the Cable Car. From the last station there is a ticket booth you can purchase your ticket and head to the skybridge. I didn’t bought a ticket to the skybridge cuz the view from the viewing deck was already stricklingly beautiful. 

6. City tour

Yep! You can do that all by yourself. Since you already rentend a transportation vehicle whether a motorcycle or a car, you’ll have your freedom in this place. Remember what I said before, “act as local, feel like local and be just local”. Get your gears on sprider-monkey, you’re in for a ride. Drive safely! 

6. Food trip

Stop worrying about what to eat in the island. They have wide variety of foods ranging from western cuisines, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese,  Halal foods, Malaysian foods and more. When you hop out of ferry terminal  you’re going through a mall on your way out – jetty point duty free- they got what you need. You can even find a starbucks coffee there! Great! 

7. Hiking

Trekkers out there, this could be a paradise for you. Gunung Raya is known to be the highest mountain in langkawi with a peak of 881 in height and has a dense forest reserve houses to numerous wildlife. It is advisable to bring a guide with you as the trail can be quite challenging for novices. 

There’s a resort called D’Coconut Hill Resort at the peak of the mountain offering a spa and an eight-story viewing deck where you can enjoy the best of Langkawi. If you’re feeling hungry, head down to a restaurant that is also located in the resort premises. 

Where to stay

Accommodation in Langkawi is quite expensive. Prices range from 50-100 MYR for hostels and 100-500 MYR for Hotels per night. You can’t find a shared dorm for solo backpackers,  a single room with aircon and wifi for 60MYR per night is the lowest price you can get. 

Tip: book a hotel nearest to your resort of choice. 

My Langkawi trip is a blast! I will definitely comeback next time and bring someone to enjoy and be awed by Langkawi’s beautiful scenery. 

Have you been to Langkawi? How was your trip. Feel free to leave comments below. Safe travels! 


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